About Us

As a full-service plumbing contractor, Modern Plumbing & Backflow repairs and installs complete plumbing systems at competitive prices. Our company is built on simple principles: creating quality plumbing systems and providing reliable service.

Modern Plumbing doesn’t just provide quick plumbing repairs – we also take pride in educating our clients on methods to prevent future plumbing emergencies.

Our Professional Plumbing Team

We are a team of professional plumbing technicians with unique experience that ranges from plumbing with the U.S. Air Force to designing complete plumbing systems in multi-million dollar custom homes. From commercial applications to residential, we use these experiences to provide an effective solution for any plumbing need.

Instead of a huge company of plumbers that come and go, we have a small team of four plumbers – this includes the company owners, who are involved in the complete process, from phone call to first boots on the job. As a local company based in Raleigh NC, we are well acquainted with North Carolina’s plumbing structure and codes.

Based on referrals and excellent workmanship, Modern Plumbing & Backflow has enjoyed sustained growth and success since our founding in 2000.

How We Serve You

Our certified plumbers are equipped with the newest technology in order to diagnose, repair and replace any plumbing problem. We listen to our customers, follow industry trends and improve standard products in order to provide a range of diverse and high quality plumbing parts and products.

Modern Plumbing is there when you need us. You can rest assured that our experienced plumbers have the knowledge and equipment to provide the right solution for your plumbing problem. Let us design or service your plumbing system – nothing is too big or too small for us to solve.

Need a plumbing retrofit? Modern Plumbing & Backflow excels in this area, offering innovative solutions to any retrofit need.

Above Ground or Below, Let Us Control the Flow!

At Modern Plumbing, our unique level of service has established our place in the plumbing industry, allowing us to make a distinct and substantial impact for our clients. Become a valued Modern Plumbing & Backflow client – contact us today!


"These guys came out and helped me out after another company nearly flooded my house. I should have called Modern Plumbing first. Thanks for the help and coming out after hours on a Sunday. I will recommend you!"


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